Guard Rails

Why choose Roof Safety Guard Rails?

  1. Roof safety guard rails provide edge protection to the building trades.
  2. We have 15 years of experience in this field.
  3. Our roof safety rails are made in Australia.
  4. Our guard rails system is constantly improved to maintain good customer service.
  5.  We have fully interchangeable between our many brackets.
  6. Our roof hand rails system provides safe work place to minimize the chance of roof falls.
  7. Falls from height are a leading cause of death in the work place. General industry OSHA standards require all drops over 2 meters to be protected by a roof fall protection system. The roof is a place where the proper fall protection measures must be taken seriously.

The Roof Safety Guard Rails System is designed to provide a high level
of safety for contractors and employees working above 2 meters on most existing homes.
Our Guardrails system has been designed for pre-existing tiled roofs.
There is no need to place rubber boots around the uprights to prevent water entering the roof and eaves.

Our Roof Safety Guard Rails can be used not only on pre-existing tiled roofs, but also on new and pre-existing metal roofs.

So protect yourself and your workers by installing Roof Safety Guard Rails on the next roof you work on.

With new occupational health and safety rules our Roof Safety Guard Rails System adheres to current mandatory safety rules and requirements.
The Guard Rails System can be hired or purchased.

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