Legislation for working at heights


Prior to commencing work ensure that all work areas have safe means of access and are free of obstructions. Safe access systems must be provided for workers to access the upper floors and the roof to undertake work at those levels, for example, stairs incorporated into scaffolding or used as a part of a guard rail or platform system.

2. Guardrails as fall protection

Guardrail systems should include top, mid and bottom rails or toe boards. Where toe boards are used in place of bottom rails they should be able to withstand the likely impact loads. The design and testing should comply with the relevant Australian Standards and include the following toeboards or mesh infill to prevent tools, materials or debris falling from the roof, unless a 2 metre ‘no go’ zone has been established to prevent persons entering the area below a clear gap between rails not exceeding 450mm the gap between the roof edge, including the gutter, and a guardrail located outside the roof line shall not exceeding 100mm a clear distance between the roof cladding and the bottom rail of not less than 150mm and not greater than 275mm an effective guardrail height above the roof surface of not less than 900mm (for roofs with a pitch over 10 degrees the effective height should be measured from a point 300mm inside the roof edge) infill panels where the pitch of the roof exceeds 26 degrees. Guardrail systems for roofing work The Domestic Building Industry is now being closely monitored to ensure correct and safe work practices.Any Builder or Subcontractor not complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act may incur major Penalties. We are a company who understands the needs and safety requirements of businesses that work on roofs.

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Price applies for roofs up to 60 lmt  and up to 26 degrees pitch.

including GST for tile roofs (up to 60 lmt) for a 14 day hire period.

Iron roofs incur a surcharge, please request a quote. Price is subject to change without prior notice.

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